ITO software outsourcing
talents training service
Microsoft software commission sale

We have: exquisite & overall business scope
☆software outsourcing development
We supply CMMI international standard software outsourcing development service.
-international software design, exploitation and manufacture
-embedded software design, exploitation and manufacture
-software customization
-system maintenance
-system integration
-IT technology consultation
-construction CAD service

☆specialists training base
We nurture and dispatch practical talents for software outsourcing industry.
    CZUFT is a high-tech company registered in Changzhou Software Garden and a joint venture with FKJ and CZU. Belonging to software development center of the school of computer information engineering of CZU, we are also the backbone of Changzhou Software Garden,
soft-recognized and international service outsourcing company of Jiangsu Province firstly sanctioned by provincial financial department and foreign-trade & economic-cooperation department.
   Since 2002 we have established software outsourcing service and set up business window in Japan and USA. We supply synthesized management system development on manufacturing, service or other industries. With long cooperation relationship with CASIO, FAE, AMADA etc, we also accumulate abundant succeeded experiences.

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